For two hundred years, The London Season has been the heartbeat of upper class British society. It stages and manages exclusive social, cultural, and charitable events, attracting individual personalities and corporates, including members of royal families from the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Russia and China. The fundamental basis of the Season has remained unchanged since its conception, supporting charities in the UK at every event throughout the year.

All members of the London Season work voluntarily to perpetuate a long standing British tradition and we welcome our guests from the UK and overseas.

Queen Charlotte's Ball ® is a registered trademark and is organised exclusively in the United Kingdom by The London Season. Any ball arranged elsewhere in the world using a similar name is in no way associated with The London Season

The London Season

The London Season Queen Charlotte’s Ball

CLICK here to enter the glamorous world of The London Season Queen Charlotte’s Ball 2019 at Lancaster House and listen to the comments of the debutantes and escorts during the evening


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