For two hundred years, The London Season has been the heartbeat of upper class British society. It stages and manages exclusive social, cultural, and charitable events, attracting individual personalities and corporates, including members of royal families from the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Russia and China. The fundamental basis of the Season has remained unchanged since its conception, supporting charities in the UK at every event throughout the year.

The London Season Patrons, Chairman, Vice Chairman and Committee are delighted to announce a new five year exclusive partnership with UKID China, fostering the underlying ethos of multicultural understanding promoted through global liaisons, which form part of the 21st century London Season mission. We welcome a small selection of career minded young Chinese girls and their parents to participate in Queen Charlotte’s Ball, whilst helping our annual charities and enhancing the experience of our English debutantes as the ball evolves in its 240th year. All members of the London Season work voluntarily to perpetuate a long standing British tradition and we welcome our overseas guests and appreciate the global interest we receive and its considerable input in global understanding.

Our grateful thanks to Chloe, Andrew and for their greatly appreciated support. We request that Chinese applications are forwarded directly to Chloe or Joanna at the above email address.

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