London Season Protocol & Etiquette

The London Season is pleased to offer a variety of Protocol and Etiquette courses, a few examples of which are shown below. Courses may be arranged for individuals or groups. For further details please contact Mrs Hallam-Peel at

Download our prospectus here :London Season protocol prospectus

Course A – “International, presidential, diplomatic, VIP and royal protocol”

An introductory course. Topics to be covered include:

  • Introduction to protocol and diplomacy
  • Foreign precedence and the Table of Precedence
  • Seating arrangements
  • State ceremonial
  • State visits
  • Official visits and private visits
  • Gifts and invitations
  • State and ceremonial funerals
  • Titles and forms of address
  • Honours and decorations
  • Flag protocol
  • The Diplomatic Corps
  • Protocol in international organisations and European institutions
  • The ranks of the British peerage

Course B – “International Business and Cultural Etiquette”

In today’s global marketplace, international business and cultural etiquette are more important than ever. International awareness and cultural sensitivity are no longer the preserve of the diplomatic community. Companies must prepare for global competition. To do so, their staff need to understand the culture and customs of new and emerging markets. Training in international and cross-cultural literacy can reap huge rewards.

International business travellers are well aware of the consequences of the misinterpreted gesture or the incorrect phrase. Lucrative business deals and contracts can be lost by unintentionally causing offence or misunderstanding body language. Appreciating and maximising the benefits of international business and cultural etiquette has become a vital factor in global

The London Season teaches clients how to avoid embarrassing blunders, stand out from the crowd, strengthen their business  presence  and  enhance their image and reputation. The training will provide important information about the customs, protocol and etiquette of different cultures, examining what they are and how they differ one from another.

Course C – “Regional and National Etiquette”

The rise of the major emerging economies has been one of the most dramatic developments of the last decade.The geopolitical rebalancing from east to west will benefit those who are most prepared.

 Positioned in London and Dubai, and with partnered establishments in India and China, The London Season is exceptionally well placed to provide expert training in the regional and national etiquette of the emerging economies, notably:

  •  Middle East
  • Asia
  • Russia
  • China
  • India
  • UAE

Course D – “British and Social Etiquette”

British etiquette is widely regarded as the gold standard of civility, manners and behaviour. The global popularity of the television series Downton Abbey attests to its enduring appeal. Social etiquette, although very similar to British etiquette, differs slightly in that, being international in focus, it is more generic and slightly less formal and country-specific.

Inspired by over  two  centuries of tradition, and with instructors drawn from the ranks of the British aristocracy, the London Season is perhaps uniquely qualified to provide instruction in this classic field of etiquette. For those who wish to polish their social skills to perfection, we are also fortunate to be able to offer afternoon tea, lunch or dining etiquette classes in one of London’s exclusive private gentlemen’s clubs, as well as a country house weekend in the private stately home of The Duke and Duchess of Somerset.

Clients trained in either British or social etiquette will find themselves able to mix at ease with all echelons of society and will know how to dress for any occasion. The complexity of formal dining will be unravelled, the mystery of titles and forms of address will be solved and the art of entertaining will be unveiled. In short, training in British and social etiquette will provide the core skills expected of any lady or gentleman.

Course E – “The Essential Gentleman”

This one-day course is designed to offer training in the core skills and qualities that a gentleman is expected to possess.

Subjects covered:

  • An introduction to chivalry, courtesy and gentlemanly behaviour
  • Etiquette and modern manners
  • A gentleman’s wardrobe
  • Accessories (watch, cuff links)
  • Shoes
  • A gentleman’s interests and lifestyle
  • The gentlemen’s clubs of London
  • The Season
  • A brief guide to wine, port and whisky
  • Spirits and cocktails
  • Personal appearance
  • Deportment and demeanour
  • Body language
  • Conversation topics
  • Dining etiquette
  • In the presence of a lady
  • Escorting a lady

Course F – “Social Etiquette for Ladies”

An intensive but enjoyable one-day course that will cover the core skills associated with British and social etiquette.

Subjects covered:

  • History of British and social etiquette
  • Introduction to etiquette and modern manners
  • British life
  • Dress codes
  • Informal dress
  • Personal appearance and deportment
  • Introductions and handshakes
  • Voice
  • Formal dining etiquette
  • Informal dining etiquette
  • Other meals
  • The art of entertaining
  • Gift giving
  • Stationery
  • Correspondence
  • Invitations, replies and thank-you letters
  • Mobile phones and digital etiquette
  • Afternoon tea etiquette