Debutantes Committee

Debutante Liaison Director

Jessica Amos


I first became involved in the London Season in 2009 when I was accepted to be presented at the Queen Charlotte’s Ball. I am forever grateful to my late father who encouraged me to apply. At 16 (though mature for my age) I lacked confidence and we could see that this was an incredible opportunity to learn and grow as an individual.

The year is a busy and exciting one when you are a Debutante. No longer solely focused on cocktail parties (though still an enjoyable part), the Season is about creating confident, elegant, young ladies, helping one to grow as an individual at such a crucial time in one’s life. Personally, I have found that the skills I acquired as a Debutante and in the subsequent years have been invaluable to both my academic and latter career pursuits.

I can still recall so vividly my interview with Mrs Hallam-Peel and Mrs Woodall and my nervous excitement hoping that I would be accepted as a Debutante. Since then I have been involved annually assisting both Mrs Hallam-Peel and Mrs Woodall where I can and I have passed on my insights and advice to each year’s new Debutantes, drawing on my experience as a former member of the Junior Committee during my own Season.

My own year as a Debutante was a wonderful whirlwind of new experiences, from the initial etiquette courses through to running charitable events as a part of the Junior Committee. Our charity that year was Veterans Aid and we raised funds, aside from the Ball, through both charitable drinks evenings with a raffle and by hosting a dinner party.

Over the years, the international friendship network amongst the debutantes has continued to grow, offering a unique networking opportunity for any young woman; I think it is safe to say the Season never truly ends for a modern Debutante.

The London Season will give any debutante who is accepted, the confidence to hold themselves in social and corporate situations with elegance, charm and grace.

I was honoured to be appointed this year as Debutante Liaison Director to the London Season which I am delighted to undertake in a voluntary capacity whilst I continue the latter part of my training as an accountant.

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