Debutante Liaison Director

Jessica Amos

I first became involved in the London Season in 2009 when I was accepted to be presented at the Queen Charlotte’s Ball. I am forever grateful to my late father who encouraged me to apply. At 16 (though mature for my age) I lacked confidence and we could see that this was an incredible opportunity to learn and grow as an individual.

The year is a busy and exciting one when you are a Debutante. No longer solely focused on cocktail parties (though still an enjoyable part), the Season is about creating confident, elegant, young ladies, helping one to grow as an individual at such a crucial time in one’s life. Personally, I have found that the skills I acquired as a Debutante and in the subsequent years have been invaluable to both my academic and latter career pursuits.

I can still recall so vividly my interview with Mrs Hallam-Peel and Mrs Woodall and my nervous excitement hoping that I would be accepted as a Debutante. Since then I have been involved annually assisting both Mrs Hallam-Peel and Mrs Woodall where I can and I have passed on my insights and advice to each year’s new Debutantes, drawing on my experience as a former member of the Junior Committee during my own Season.

My own year as a Debutante was a wonderful whirlwind of new experiences, from the initial etiquette courses through to running charitable events as a part of the Junior Committee. Our charity that year was Veterans Aid and we raised funds, aside from the Ball, through both charitable drinks evenings with a raffle and by hosting a dinner party.

Over the years, the international friendship network amongst the debutantes has continued to grow, offering a unique networking opportunity for any young woman; I think it is safe to say the Season never truly ends for a modern Debutante.

The London Season will give any debutante who is accepted, the confidence to hold themselves in social and corporate situations with elegance, charm and grace.

I was honoured to be appointed this year as Debutante Liaison Director to the London Season which I am delighted to undertake in a voluntary capacity whilst I continue the latter part of my training as an accountant.

Debutantes Junior Committee

Lucy Buchanan

My name is Lucy Buchanan and I am a junior committee member for the Queen Charlotte’s Ball. I attended Le Rosey School in Switzerland and I will attend the ball for the second time this year.
I am currently a second year student at King’s College London studying Political Economy. I very much love the Queen Charlotte’s Ball, and the people I meet there as there are plenty of lovely and impressive individuals at this event and I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved with the UK-based children’s charity Honeypot, our chosen charity this year.
My grandmother was a debutante and my brothers, Angus and Bruce have been debutante escorts at the Ball. My hobbies include operatic singing and ice skating. My father is the Chief of the Buchanan Clan. He is petitioning for me to be The Lady Leny, the title for the Buchanan of Leny Chieftainship. I take part in international Scottish events and clan gatherings and am looking forward to teaching other debutantes how to reel.

Imogen Mayhook-Walker

My name is Imogen Mayhook-Walker. I left Bedales School last year and am now studying Music. This is my second year taking part the ball and I am so excited this year to be on the junior committee. Last year I met so many amazing and interesting people participating in this event and made friends from all over the world while raising money for an amazing charity, The Smile Train.

This year we are supporting the charity ActionAid which is a charity that supports women and girls all over the world. I know that we are all really looking forward to use this platform to make a difference in somebody else’s life while carrying on a wonderful tradition. I am the first debutante in my family, as my mother spent her childhood in the Far East. My grandfather was a Brigadier there before returning to London to become Private Secretary to HRH Prince Philip. Because of this, my grandparents and parents were very involved in London Society and my parents always stress the importance of using the benefits one has been given in life to help others, which I am hoping to do in my role in the Junior Committee.

Anoushka Monzon-Ladas

My name is Anoushka Monzon-Ladas. I am a pupil at Queensgate School in Kensington, which has had a long association with the London Season. I was accepted as a Debutante in 2019, making my debut at Queen Charlotte’s Ball later that year at the beautiful and historic Lancaster House. The Ball was a truly wonderful experience and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of it. It was not only incredibly special to wear a stunning white gown and amazing diamond jewellery which was lent to us, but also a unique opportunity to enhance my C.V. through social and career networking opportunities I believe taking part in the London Season equips young ladies with the skills and confidence to socialise with any individual from different cultures and in particular outside our own peer group.

The ball has enabled me to make friends from all over the globe. It is wonderful to meet such inspirational young women from all corners of the world and learn more about their cultures. I enjoyed the ball last year so much and luckily was appointed a role on the Junior Committee. Through being on the Junior Committee, I have had the wonderful opportunity to gain additional skills, including project management and event planning as part of our fundraising efforts, together with protocol and etiquette training. I am looking forward to our events this year, fundraising for the Charity ActionAid. When I finish my A-Levels, I am hoping to attend the University of Nottingham, to undertake a course in Politics and American Studies. I hope that this will aid me in my pursuit of a career within Politics or Publicity.

Olivia Tribe

My name is Olivia Tribe and I am in my first year of A Levels at the Ursuline Convent in Wimbledon. The London Season has given me a fabulous insight into the world of protocol and etiquette. I love the fact that I am following in my grandmother and her daughters’ footsteps as both my aunts, Alexandra and Victoria, were debutantes in their day and it also enables me to spend more time with my grandmother. My brother, George, is also a debutante escort for Queen Charlotte’s Ball. Being a debutante last season proved to be a truly uplifting experience, raising funds for the Smile Train, the wonderful experiences at The Berkeley Dress Show at the Ritz and participating in being a debutante at Lancaster House.

This year, being part of the junior committee, has led me to engage with fundraising for ActionAid by sourcing auction and raffle prizes with the Junior committee, which will culminate in the Queen Charlotte’s Ball at One Whitehall Place. Alongside the committee, I engage in a variety of hobbies ranging from cake baking and cookery to many sporting activities. I was chosen as a Ball Girl for the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, which was an amazing insight into the incredible challenges of professional sport and I regularly enjoy running and playing in team games at weekends.

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