The London Season is a voluntary, non profit making organisation supporting charities annually through its events and administered voluntarily by the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Debutante Liaison Director. Invitations to the Ball are by personal invitation. Debutante applications are received through completion of the official application form that can be found under the Debutantes tab on the navigation bar. All potential debutantes are interviewed before acceptance. ‘Queen Charlotte’s Ball ‘is a Registered British Trademark held in the names of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the London Season. Mrs Hallam-Peel and Mrs Woodall, both former debutantes, were appointed as custodians of the London Season in the year 2001 at the request of the former custodian of forty years, Mr Peter Townend, with the much appreciated support of the Honorary Patrons. Their aim is to strengthen and enhance the tradition of the London Season and its development globally into the 21st century, whilst continuing to uphold the charitable ethos of helping disadvantaged children throughout the world through the London Season events.

The London Season and Queen Charlotte’s Ball

Queen Charlotte’s Ball was established in 1788 by HRH Queen Charlotte as Queen Charlotte’s Birthday Ball and the tradition continues to the present day, remaining the most prestigious and most sought after debutante ball in the world.


Their Graces The Duke and Duchess of Somerset

Their Graces The Duke and Duchess of St Albans

HH Princess Kumari of Jaipur

HH Princess Aisha Shah of Lahore

Rani Aruna Vijai Singh of Jodpur

Sir David and the Hon Lady Roche

Count Rafe Heydell-Mankoo

Colonel Kenneth Kraft

Mrs David Hallam-Peel (Chairman)

Mrs Frances Stainton (President of Prince Mohsin Ali Khan Foundation)

Letter from his Grace The Duke of Somerset

I am delighted to support the work and mission of The London Season. In the competi- tive world of the globalised 21st century, social etiquette and cultural protocol are more important than ever.

We look forward to welcoming corporations and private individuals to Bradley House, my historic family home in England and in palaces and exclusive locations throughout the world. Bradley, with its historic artefacts and pleasant surroundings provides a comforta- ble place to experience globally developed protocol and social networking on an unpar- alleled level. Overseas locations in presidential and royal palaces offer unprecedented levels of hospitality and expertise.

My family has been involved in important national and international events for over five hundred years and I am keen to share these experiences with you through The London Season.

The Duke of Somerset

Letter from the Chairman

Since its inception in 1780, The London Season has been synonymous with the world of etiquette, protocol and social networking at the highest level. At the heart of aristocratic British society for centuries, The London Season has evolved through the ages, always underpinned by its charitable focus, but adapting to the social innovations of each new era.

At the beginning of the 21st century, The London Season expanded overseas providing bespoke services across the globe and aiming to equip companies and individuals with the highest level social and interpersonal expertise to flourish in today’s multinational environment, hosted and mentored by their Graces the Duke and Duchess of Somerset, their Graces the Duke and Duchess of St Albans, The Hon Lady Roche MBE and Sir David Roche Bt, assisted by specialist mentors chosen for their exceptional qualifications and expertise.

Mrs. Jennie Hallam-Peel
Chairman, The London Season