Dear Mrs Hallam-Peel,

I cannot thank you enough for organising such a beautiful evening!! I had a magnificent time – everything was perfect: the ballroom, the dresses, the food, the music… It truly was magical, and I am so incredibly grateful to both yourself and Mrs Woodall for providing me with such a wonderful year. I’ve had such an amazing time, and I’ve learnt so much, thanks to the infallible help you have provided not only me, but all the debutantes with. And I would like to especially thank you for honouring me with the title of Debutante of the Year. It was a privilege to be not only involved in the Season, but also to be able to participate to the fullest extent possible as Chairman of the Junior Committee. Thank you so, so much!!

I hope the evening lived up to your expectations – everyone had such a lovely time!! Thank you once again!!

Warmest regards,


Photographs of Larissa at the Queen Charlotte’s Ball 2011 kindly provided by Mike Daines at Photocall Events.

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