The Queen Charlotte’s Ball dates back to the era of King George III, when the event was held not only as a key part of the London Season but to honour his wife Queen Charlotte. As such the cake is an integral part of the event, dating back to Queen Charlotte’s birthday celebrations. The cake is always quite a spectacle in scale and this year was no exception. It was carried in by six dashing young RAF servicemen, making quite an entrance. The magnificent design was by Choccywoccydoodah and when you look closer the detail on it is stunning. One can only imagine the work that went into it. I looked to Gavin Munro of Choccywoccydoodah to find out a little more about this year’s design and the brand behind the chocolate.

Choccywoccydoodah is quite a name, could you tell me a little history about the brand?  Choccywoccydoodah started as a tiny chocolate shop, next door to Christine’s first cafe. The shop was opening and the shelves looked a little bare so Christine baked a batch of her infamous cakes to fill the spaces – they were a hit, then someone asked for one as a wedding cake and the whole thing grew from that one cake.

What is it about your cakes that sets them apart and makes them special?

Each of our bespoke cakes is unique and individually crafted for each occasion. We don’t listen when we are told that we cannot do something with chocolate, we just do it.

The cake is such a key part of the Queen Charlotte’s Ball, how did you go about making your mark on a tradition that is hundreds of years old?
We echoed cakes of the past, including a design by Cecil Beaton and gave it a modern chocolatey twist.

Blog post by Florrie Clarke, debutante of 2010. Photographs kindly provided by Mike Daines at Photocall Events.

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