As debutantes in Shanghai we were honoured to wear the most gorgeous jewellery by Chaumet. Chaumet has a rich and illustrious background interwoven with the history of France and stretching over nine generations since 1780- which by a lovely coincidence is when King George III created the Queen Charlotte’s Ball for his wife Queen Charlotte and the tradition of the debutante ball began.
The story of Chaumet’s beginnings is quite wonderful. One day a runaway horse was caught by an intrepid young man, a jeweller called Marie-Etienne Nitot with a shop on the on Rue Saint-Honore. Astride that horse was none other than the French Consul of the time, Napoleon Bonaparte, later to become Emperor. Napolean remembered the young man’s kindness and bravery and later anointed Nitot as his official jeweller.
It is a really special treat to have the delight of wearing such fabulous jewellery, and not only that but a stunning tiara too, which I think we were all exceedingly excited about!
Chaumet also played a vital role in the proceedings of the procession, with the most magnificent tiaras for the crowning of the debutantes of the year. Jen Hau was honoured with the title of Chaumet Debutante of the Year whilst Larissa Scotting was crowned International Debutante of the Year.
The shining Chaumet jewels were a joy to wear and their presence was a very special highlight from our splendid time in Shanghai.
On China Daily Online you can find a piece here interviewing Chaumet’s Managing Director for Asia Pacific Charles Leung and featuring the beautiful Lune de Miel series inspired by the love story of a spider and a bee, which I was privileged to wear.
Blog post by Florrie Clarke, debutante of 2010.

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