The Queen Charlotte’s Ball 2011 was kindly sponsored by Mikimoto. This wonderful jewellery brand was founded by Kokichi Mikimoto in 1893. Mr. Mikimoto was the first to develop a technique for the cultivation of pearls, and to this day Mikimoto pearls are of the very highest quality and stand out in their exquisite beauty. All the girls were matched to their own set of jewellery for the night. Mikimoto also sponsored my own Queen Charlotte’s Ball in 2010, so I know just how special the jewellery and the chance to wear it is. It really was the perfect finishing touch to my beautiful white dress and all the girls felt fabulous in theirs for the night.

One such set of jewellery worn by one young debutante of 2011 was Mikimoto’s third Debutante necklace, in a feather and pearl design which was the object of much admiration. The piece made its debut at the event and was generously auctioned for charity.

The Mikimoto Debutante Feather and Pearl necklace captures the innocent and ethereal quality of the young debutante. It comprises of a strand of the finest Akoya cultured pearls with a pavé diamond ball for a timeless, sophisticated look. It also features an absolutely stunning 18k White gold feather detachable clasp with diamonds. The design harks back to when the traditional court dress for debutantes required ostrich feathers in their hair attached to a tulle veil.

The delicate feather has angelic connotations and reminds us of nature. The feather has been used in ornamentation for centuries and we are still drawn to its soft, gentle qualities today. The set is finished off elegantly with classic pearl stud earrings which are all that is needed to perfect the look, and it comes presented in a gorgeous bespoke box.

Blog post by Florrie Clarke, debutante of 2010. Second photograph by Mike Daines at Photocall Events. Other images kindly provided by Mikimoto.

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