Kim Robinson is somewhat of a hairstyling superstar. The Australian born but Hong Kong based stylist has tended the tresses of the likes of Kate Moss and the late Princess Diana of Wales, and also styled high fashion couture collections including for Chanel and Dior.
Having our hairstyles created at Shanghai’s first International Debutante Ball was certainly a luxury experience. It started with photographs taken weeks beforehand and continued with appointments with Kim and his team the day before the ball. It soon transpired we were in for a special tailor-made experience, with Kim working in collaboration with each girl and taking into account her personality, face shape, dress and all important Chaumet tiara. Whilst the hairstyles were in keeping with the deep and wonderful history of the debutante ball Robinson worked to keep the styles youthful and fresh: “I want to highlight the natural glow of their youth, rather than distract from it.” he said.
The care and attention paid to my hair was absolutely amazing. Robinson and his team are perfectionists and my style was treated like a work of art, which I am inclined to think it was. So much concentration and learned technique was put into it and it was still pristine at the end of the night, when it felt like a crime to unpin it!

Blog post by Florrie Clarke, debutante of 2010.

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